Ceases trading on 1st May 2014

From the 1st May 2014, CubicWebs ceases trading, all our customers have been emailed and we aren't accepting any new orders, however if you didn't get our email you can read it here It explains what lead us to this hard decision to close this brand. However we've paid a whole month for April to allow our customers a month to find a new provider and move to a reliable host without constant MySQL issues.

All our customers can access their client area to manage their service and there's no need to worry about being suspended as the cron has been disabled. No need to worry about payments either as all your subscriptions have been cancelled and if your invoice is due that's on us.

Myself (Michael) and Callum would like to apologies to all our fantastic and dedicated customers who have been with us since November 2011, however the issues was just getting out of hand and it's not fair on our customers having downtime, MySQL crashes, etc. We have to put you first and we wish you all luck in the future, we've listed our favourite providers below for you to look at if you need. In the email you can grab some promotions, so why not have a look? OakHosting's promotions are on our Facebook pages you can view the main support page here. Once again thank you for being a loyal customer and if you was looking to buy hosting from us, we recommend the providers below.

If you ever looking for a license for a billing system, control panel or anything else why not check out our other brand Licensecart.

Kind regards,
Michael Dance & Callum Stead
CubicWebs Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer