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Has now ceased trading!

CubicWebs Brand closes

From the 1st May 2014, CubicWebs ceases trading, all of our customers was emailed from the 2nd of April 2014 and warned on the 13th April. We haven't been accepting any new orders since late Feburary. However if you didn't get our email you can read it here It explains what lead us to this hard decision to close this brand. However we've paid a whole month for April to allow our customers a month to find a new provider and move to a reliable host without constant MySQL issues.

It's been a long road for us all and our customers come first and as we couldn't sustain the issues to a minimum, we believed it was best for everyone if our customers went to a new home. We highly recommend FreshRoastedHosting for your new provider if you haven't found one yet.


Opened in June 2013 by the CEO of CubicWebs, Licensecart is a certified distributor and sells licenses for popular brands like Blesta, InterWorx, LiteSpeed & CraftSRV, why not have a visit and if you need licenses in the future why not give us a try at: Loved by over 500+ customers and currently has over 600+ services, we know you will love us too. Feel free to check out our reviews today.


Opened in 2011 in Harrisburg, PA by Dave & Lisa, FreshRoastedHosting has grown from a small business to a medium sized company catering for all websites including big and small businesses of all sizes. Licensecart uses FreshRoastedHosting for our VPS and they put their customers first. Stay Premium, you get what you pay for and you certainly do with FRH, fantastic service and support at the price of a coffee...